BEYOND A SONG:Gordy Quist / The Band of Heathens (Part 1)

This week is our first in a series of interviews with Gordy Quist and Ed Jurdi of the Austin, Texas group “The Band of Heathens”. We start off this series with clips from In Search of a Song host Jason Wilber in 2012, when we first talked with Gordy about the band. Then we’ll be following up with some new discussions, recorded recently by executive producer Rich Reardin, about their new record “Duende” which is out in early 2017.

Beyond a Song airs each week on Saturday afternoons at 4pm on WFHB!

Beyond a Song: Musicians who Passed in 2016 – Retrospective

JANUARY 6th, 2017
In Search of a Song Media
In Search of a Song has now morphed into a new program starting in 2017!

Musicians who Passed in 2016 – Retrospective

Host and executive producer Rich Reardin discusses some of the major musicians who passed away in 2016 in this musical retrospective. Artists included are: Leon Russell, Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen, Sir George Martin, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Paul Kantner, and George Michael.