BEYOND A SONG: Butch Trucks (Part 1)

Host Rich Reardin talks with former Allman Brothers bassist David Goldflies about working with the late, great drummer for the band, Butch Trucks. David played bass for the re-grouping Allmans for 4 years in the late seventies and early eighties. I met David in 1984 after he played in the band, and so I asked him if he’d share some thoughts on Butch. As part of the fantastic rythm section that made up the Allman Brothers Band, David became friends with Butch and here shares with us some of the experiences and insights he gained playing in the band. David now plays Bass in the Panama City Pops Orchestra, as well as many other music projects, including working with Gary Allman, a cousin of Duane and Greg. Before we get into the interview, let’s hear some of their music featuring the late, great Butch Trucks.