Beyond a Song: Rich Krueger (Part 1)

This week on Beyond a Song host Rich Reardin talks with Chicago based singer/songwriter Rich Krueger. Rich has been recording solo records and plays solo largly in Chicago and New York City. He’s also an MD and PHD, and also works as a neuronatologist in Chicago. He plays around the country, and was chosen as a Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.

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BEYOND A SONG: Bob Delevante (part 1 and 2 final)

Guest host Jason Wilber talks with singer/songwriter, graphic artist, and photographer,  Bob Delevante. As an accomplished and respected musician, Delevante has performed on guitar, vocals, and harmonica while touring with artists including Steve Earle, John Prine, and Emmylou Harris and has production credits with artists such as The Coal Men and Greg Trooper. To top it off, he has had a No.1 Americana album and CMT Rising Star video with his brother as, The Delevantes.