Yosh & Yimmy

Beyond a Song host Rich Reardin interviews Texas singer/songwriters Josh Glenn and Jimmy Willdon better known as the duo ‘Yosh & Yimmy. After meeting in 2015, when Josh Glenn opened for Jimmy Willden at the final show of his 2015 tour, the two bearded gingers continued playing shows together. Over time, the shows evolved into Yosh & Yimmy, as they performed as a duo, and began writing songs together.

That union led to their first release, the studio EP, “Americana Summer” in March of 2019, featuring fan favorite songs, such as “Oh Universe” and “Shadows on the Wall,” and supported by their first joint national tour that summer.

2020 was spent writing more songs, and preparing to return to the studio, but not before completing the mixes for their first live record, “Yosh & Yimmy: Yive in Concert”.

Oft delayed by COVID-19, the album (originally intended as a 2020 release) was finally unleashed on the world in March of 2021. Recorded at the final performance of their Americana Summer Tour, in Athens, GA, “Yive in Concert” features singles such as “World is Sound Asleep” and “The Day You Learned to Fly”, showcasing Yosh & Yimmy’s eclectic style, all the while marrying rich harmonies with thought-provoking lyrics.

And beards.

In December, the duo released a “winter” single — inspired by the energy-grid failure in Texas. “Midnight Sled Ride” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Yosh & Yimmy’s debut full-length studio album, “Three Rivers” will be released June 24, 2022. Promoting its release, lead singles “Down & Out”, “Proof” and “Breathe Again” were released and played on radio stations across the U.S. and worldwide. Dropping with the full release, “Without A Barrier” will be the next single.

In Summer, 2022, the boys will be hitting the road for a national “Yive in Concert” tour, traversing over 16 states across the mid-west in the month of July.

Beyond a Song: Dave Greaves

Beyond a Song host Rich Reardin interviews with the late, great English singer/songwriter Dave Greaves. In the ’70’s, during the heyday of English folk and rock music, musician/singer- songwriter Dave Greaves toured with many top artists including Sandy Denny and John Martyn and had deals with Island Music, EMI Music, Demon Records, Black Bear Records (The Stops) and Pye Records (Cheap Thrills). Dave was also one of the few artists who shared billing with Nick Drake during this time.

Dave’s CV includes being a founder-member of The Hull Truck Theatre Company, playing electric guitar with many R&B soul outfits from The States including Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon as well as performing with his brother group MG Greaves And The Lonesome Too. Dave has also been electric guitarist on UK tours for Emmy winning, Texas Music Awards “Singer-Songwriter Of The Year” Bob Cheevers who was a show opener on what was to be Johnny Cash’s final tour.

Most of Dave’s songs are from personal experiences telling poignant stories in his own very special language of the heart. Perfectly thought out guitar parts along with a smoldering (and as he puts it) gin-soaked voice set Dave Greaves apart from other world-class musician/songwriters from both “back in the day” and today. “He’s as real as it gets and utterly convincing”.

Originally from Hull, England, unfortunately in July,2022 Dave Greaves passed away with his wife and family after a long illness in Scarborough, England. His song catalogue is filled with compositions that are pertinent, stunning and timeless.